Monday, March 2, 2020

Not enough drama!

My place is so chill. I mean, the usual So-and-so was nodding off or didn't do sidework, but no real drama. Until today!

One of the hosts, D, is a little... dim. Sweet woman, but just in her own la-la land. Doesn't have the stations memorized (even with the charts by the computers), and doesn't really rotate correctly. She gets peeved at self-seaters and just kinda gets an attitude when people don't want to sit where she planned on taking them. To be fair, it is a little frustrating. Today, one of the servers sent a couple back towards where she was seating someone else and she just.... walked past them. Didn't acknowledge them. The couple was left standing there like, "uh, they told us to go to D to be sat?" This pisses off the server who felt like she looked silly sending them to someone who wasn't doing their job, and a screaming fight ensued in the kitchen. I don't go in the kitchen during that time, but I'm pretty sure someone got called a crackhead.


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