Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Have you ever heard of Portuguese Wine?

Bless their souls, this million-year old couple come in every now and again. The husband orders 'Portuguese Wine.' The first time I served them, I was confused. I told him we don't serve alcohol, and he responds, "Yes, I've had it here before."
"No sir, we've never served alcohol."
Turns out he means root beer. ?!!!
I tell him I've never heard of that phrase, where did it come from? He says, "From me!"

Well, that's one hurdle down. Now, the lady asks me what soup we have that night.
"Chicken rice and beef macaroni."
"No noodle soup?"
"No ma'am, chicken noodle is on Saturdays."
"But... I've had noodle soup here before!"
"Well, ma'am, it must have been a Saturday."
This poor thing had a real boner for some noodle soup. As I walk away, I hear, "I really wanted some noodle soup..."