Monday, September 14, 2015

Mean lady was back.

AND SHE WAS SO FREAKING NICE. She was all please and thank you, complimented me, honestly freaked me out.

However, I had another lady that more than made up for it.
Mother and daughter, I assume, I bring over their coffees. The mother says, "Oh, we need cream!" I hate when people act like you forgot something when you haven't even left the table to get it from your tray. I smiled, looked at her, and said, "Oh, this is one of the times I wish I had two sets of hands so I didn't have to make so many trips! I didn't forget!" I had the cream in my hand, the mom laughed.
The daughter either misheard or misunderstood me, or maybe because she didn't see that I did have the cream she thought I was being snotty, which I can see, the reaction was wild. She said, "Well, how was she supposed to know that? You didn't have to answer like THAT!" She called over the manager and said I was "rude, rude, rude." Even the mother, who I thought was on my side, jumped in.
I asked another server to take over, I didn't want to deal with that awkwardness. Apparently when she went over, the lady said to her, "That girl is a bitch and I will fuck her up." She spent the rest of the meal glaring at me.

Honestly, who says that? And I expected more of a reaction from my manager - I would have kicked her ass out for threatening an employee!
Obviously, nothing came of it, she was just talking shit, but damn I'd hate to cut her off on the highway.