Friday, July 29, 2016

I guess he liked it.

So he put a ring on it!
My work husband, I was so worried about the attraction one year ago, is now going to be my real. life. husband. He remembered the beautiful ring I noticed back then when we first started dating, and saved for it. Gave it to me while I was vomiting and at my worst, carsick and dehydrated.
Goes to show, Dear Reader. You never know when you will find your soulmate, and sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A pleasant surprise.

Today was a weird day. I walked in to everyone running around, the kitchen backed up, because there were a bunch of larger parties. I get sat with one table, once they're taken care of I start doing what I can to help my coworkers. Run food, bus tables, the usual. I'm still not really getting sat because my station can't accommodate the bigger parties, so I'm just doing busywork.

I'm cashing out my one table, with my MOD because they have a coupon, and as I'm walking through the kitchen again (I have not been away from my station more than five-ten minutes) he stops to ask if 43 is mine. I say yes, and he tells a couple says they've been waiting for 20 minutes with no service.
I said, "That can't be possible! I've only been away from my section for as long as I was with you!"
He says, "I know that was an exaggeration, just get over there and tell them I grabbed you to take the table. You're not blaming anyone and it sounds like you're doing them a favor."
Verrrrry clever.

So I'm not looking forward to this. The exaggerated wait time means they're going to be difficult. They're rolling their eyes, but I grab their drinks and their order and tell them I'm very sorry, I'll take care of them. Of course, I mess up their order. 
Completely my fault, I hit the wrong button on the POS. They're rolling their eyes again, I get the right order out and of course have it comped. At this point, I was going to take care of their check if it wasn't because I was so embarrassed.

Okay, so I've run their card and I can tell they're still aggravated, but they're all boxed up and ready to go. I give them the receipts and a pen to sign and tell them again, I'm very sorry. She hands me a cash tip, which was about 20% on the bill before the comps, and says, "I know it wasn't your fault."

I was really, really shocked. I told her the order mess-up was my fault and I was sorry again, I hope they come back soon. And you know what, I meant it.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I figured it out.

I'm making the same per-hour tips as I did at the diner. You know, like 40 in 4 hours. But I honestly feel, throughout the day, that I'm making nothing.
The reason is, I'm making the same tips, just on higher bills. At the diner, I was grateful for a five because the bills were only 15-20 for two people. Now, I have a two-top with a $50 tab giving me 5.
So, I'm making the same money because the tips are the same - but my percentage is way low. I know it's not me. That's all I keep telling myself, "I know it's not me."

Saturday, July 9, 2016

"So.. what's your REAL job?"

I think I've posted about this before. People seem to think of servers as servants, obviously, and there must be something else for us.

A few weeks ago, a customer had stopped me to give me his rewards card and I ran it. He had hidden his credit card to pay behind the check slip and I simply didn't see it. He asked me for his card back and I said I didn't receive one. So, already knowing where it was, he pulled it out and said, "are you going to college or something? Probably Biology."
Whatever that means, I laughed it off and said, "hey, close, it's Anthropology." He responded, "I could have guessed." Again, whatever that means. Dude probably didn't even know what Anthro is.

So for the 4th I'm with my mom and some friends who ask about the new job. One of them is pretty concerned if I graduated and what I'm doing now.
My mom snaps back, "Exactly what she's doing."

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Well, that was new.

Okay, so I've never worked in a place that sells alcohol before. I've also never worked corporate before. You might be able to see where this is going.. I had to cut someone off today.

A man and his girlfriend came in today for lunch, ordered cocktails. The man finished his before I had their order, maybe 10 minutes, and ordered another. I probably shouldn't have even given him the second so quickly, but I didn't even think twice and they were sitting and eating. They finished their appetizer, their meals, and he ordered a different cocktail. When I was going to put it in the computer, I realized it hadn't even been 45 minutes since his first.

I know when I was hired, it was dug into my head to always check ID and be careful when serving liquor. So I asked my manager to double check, I wasn't sure what the time frame was when serving cocktails. She said no, don't give him another.
So I went to tell the guy that according to policy, I couldn't give him another right now, but if they wanted to sit a little, maybe order something else, they were welcome to hang out and enjoy the company and another cocktail in a bit.
"Are you serious?"
"Well, what if I cash out with you and go sit at the bar?"

I told him that probably wouldn't work, my manager was right there and she keeps track of the cameras so she would know he came from a table (kind of trying to hide the fact I had said something, also just kind of nervous and unsure what to say). Well, he didn't like that. He wanted the manager at his table, come to find out he wanted her to SHOW him the policy that he couldn't have another drink.
So she's in the office, trying to find the appropriate paperwork to print out, and he's at the kitchen door every time I come and go, saying how he wants to see the policy, he wants his receipt, and more "are you SERIOUS?!"

I was actually kind of nervous at this point. This is a big guy, pissed off, hovering around in my station so I'm actually embarrassed going to my other tables. Finally, I gave him his change and receipt ($10 change from a $100 bill, the book empty when he left), and the manager showed him the paperwork, although he still said he was going to book a BIG complaint.

Luckily, my manager, as I was cashing out, told me she had my back and I had done everything right with that table, from double checking the drink timing to cutting him off.