Monday, August 31, 2015

A lady was mean to me today.

But apparently, she gives everyone a hard time and when she complained to the MOD, she just said, "Yeah, that lady's a bitch."

She ordered a burger and I made the mistake of asking her how she wanted it cooked.
She immediately acted like I should have KNOWN that she wanted it 'NO. PINK.' I asked, "Well done then?"
"NO. I don't want it all dried out."
"Okay, medium well?"
This is where she started raising her voice, interrupting me, and just being a condescending... well, bitch.
I tried telling her there really wasn't anything between medium well and well, so why don't we start with medium well and go from there? We can always cook it more, of course.
Nope. She insisted they did it before and she doesn't want it medium well, but she doesn't want it well and 'dried out.' Finally, she pretty much screamed at me, "Well just TELL HIM THAT."

I had to walk away because I knew much more would reduce me to tears. I mean, this lady came in hot and wouldn't even let me tell her, "I know you come in all the time, I just want to make sure you get what you want." Some people just can't be worked with. I dropped it off, asked if she wanted anything like mayo or mustard, I really tried to kill her with kindness. I even felt bad that I didn't get a chance to check back before she finished and pushed her plate to the side - hobbling-ass fat bitch must have inhaled it. Still, I smiled and brought the check and before I could get the "hav-" out of "have a nice day!" she SNATCHED the bill from me and turned away with the body language of, 'you can go now.'

I walked around back to take a breath before I told MOD my story - I knew she would take my side, but I was honestly so floored that someone would treat a complete stranger so horribly, I really was wondering if I DID do something wrong. She told boss-lady that she normally tips well (yeah right), but I was "argumentative" and she was VERY aggravated. Well, lady, if you can live with it - I can live without it.