Saturday, May 28, 2016

I get it now.

When I worked at the diner, we tipped out the busboys on our tips. We didn't make money, they didn't make money.
I got the concept of tipping on sales, but I didn't realize what a dent it actually made in your pocket if you're making big sales with small tips - or worse, stiffed. That's what people mean when they say they have to pay to wait on you when you don't tip.
My first table today, very pleasant, took my drink recommendations, smiled, said please and thank you. Paid with a credit card, crossed out the tip line, nothing on the table. I was really upset, I couldn't think of what I did wrong. I eventually figured.. I did my best, they might have just been looking for a reason not to leave a tip. Then I got a 10% tip, they were obviously just cheap.
But what really got my goat was the couple with the coupon. They got the complimentary app, he only ordered soup and salad, and she ordered the most expensive seafood dinner. The coupon took off her entire entree, about 20 dollars. Of course, he tipped on the discounted amount like I hadn't been refilling their iced teas six times each. That was just depressing.

Anyway, not that I would have ever tipped any less than I do (generously, obviously, I know the game!) but I didn't realize the effect this different way would have on my own pocket. PLEASE make sure you always tip before any discounts or coupons. Just.. please tip in general.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Training Complete!

I have taken menu tests, I have shadowed for 5 days, and I passed my "mock serve" with a manager.
I didn't even get to serve their fake food, she stopped me and said, "Don't worry, you're approved, I think you're adorable, I just want to work on the name-drop upsell portion."

I was completely overwhelmed my first day of training, I've only used handwritten checks and thought my trainer was performing magic, but once she gave me her swipe card and I started greeting tables, taking orders, and putting them into the computer it was just gravy.

So after 8 months of unemployment, at least 4 on the job search.. I'm back in the restaurant and couldn't be happier. Tonight is my first night on the floor alone and of course I'm scared to death but I'm so excited! I will certainly take notes for you, Dear Reader, to hear about the crazy people that exist in our world.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Officially employed!

I'm in the system now. I start my orientation and training in a few days. Blondie's gone corporate and she's super excited. Let's make some money and have a whole different set of stories.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Two down!

My interview at the seasonal place was... weird. She took my picture, asked if my tattoos were offensive, if I had allergies. I'd love to work on the river but I guess it's just not practical. It's only seasonal, they won't train me to bartend. So I have a second meeting with the GM at the first place tomorrow morning, hopefully we'll schedule some training because I checked my savings today...