Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I need an explanation.

I have a lady in my section tonight with her husband.
She seems a little cranky, annoyed by questions such as 'what would you like to drink?' or 'soup or salad?' I know, I'm intrusive.

I deliver, I do the two-minute check, and a bit later I realize she has her plate pushed to the side with about 3/5th left on the plate.
"Would you like a box?"
"Oh, was there something wrong with it?" or something to that effect.

Now, here's where I get confused.
"Well, honey, I am NOT going to APOLOGIZE for having a small appetite."
..okay. I wasn't asking you to. I'm doing my job and making sure your dining experience is every little thing you wanted, you old twat.
I was almost floored, I stuttered something about, "oh! well, I just wanted to make sure, you didn't eat much and didn't want to take it home, I would have gotten you something else if you didn't like it!"
She just smirked like, "I'm done with you now."

She stared me down for the next half hour until they left.

I have never had a more random complaint then since I was scolded for being 'too nice.'
Where where WHERE do people get this shit?!