Saturday, October 29, 2016

Just kidding.

Management (or at least the training) was not for me. I don't know if it was the program or myself, but I was too overwhelmed and felt that I would be unhappy doing it. I have too much respect for the company and for myself than to work in a position I wouldn't be my best at. I didn't like the cooking and prep in the back of house, couldn't imagine getting the hang of all the paperwork and line checks that go into opening, and if I'm in the front of the house I want to be serving, not doing table visits and dealing with complaints. I felt disorganized and always in the way, asking stupid questions I should know the answers to.
I told them exactly that, and that I was flattered that I was picked to be moved up, and they were totally understanding that it was not for everyone. I'm kind of hanging in the balance right now, they said they would try to get me back on the serving schedule at my old store ASAP, but I'm not really sure what my options and next steps are.
I'm back on the job hunt, because serving at this location just wasn't quite paying the bills and I'd need a side piece. I kind of feel like a failure, but Boyfriend made me feel better, because he told me it takes a lot of courage to start something new, and even more to admit you don't want to.

Monday, October 17, 2016

I like to have knowledge about the menu.

But I haven't eaten everything on it! I don't eat meat, and I feel like a real heel when someone asks me how the ribs or a steak are. "oh, I don't know, I'm a vegetarian."

I usually stick with, "it's one of our most popular" or "I've never had any complaints!"
I try to be straight with my customers, and they usually appreciate the honesty. I tell them I've never had it myself.

I still think it's strange to ask, "is this good?" or something like that. You might like well-done steaks while your partner likes them rare, sometimes people put a lot of salt on their food and some people have dietary restrictions. I love pickles, my best friend hates them. How can you ask a blanket statement such as, "is this good?" and expect your server to know what your tastebuds enjoy?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Moving on Up

I've been promoted.

I know I love my customers, although I complain about them constantly.
They want me to be an Assistant Manager, which means after my training, I will not be serving anymore. I'm really nervous because it's going to be looong days and training out the ying-yang.
Oh, but the money will be so good. I can't wait to pay off all my debt.

I feel so good and so appreciated that they recommended me; and everyone agreed that I was a good choice. Good news is, I'll probably have better stories when I'm dealing with the complaints!