Thursday, December 17, 2015

Again, still alive.

I've read books.
I've watched Netflix.
I've re-watched Netflix.
I've looked up recipes, crafts, home and garden tips. Gotten caught in Wikipedia and Buzzfeed loops. Gotten kaught up on the Kardashians.
I taught myself to crochet.
I've relaxed, I've slept in, I've enjoyed hot tea. Did you know tea is like wine, they all come from different varieties of the same plant?
I learned to french braid my own hair, and gotten used to not seeing my car in the garage.

But as sure as someone is going to walk in that door as soon as you plug in the vacuum and get ready to shut it down - I miss working. I looked at work-from-home, online degrees... even if this trusty ol' thing was good for more than what I need it for (Netflix and... looking up movie times every now and then?), I can't commit to it. I crave movement.

I'm almost there. I've been patient, I swear! Three months next week since the accident. I've been taking my vitamins and everything!
I'm going to cherish every time someone needs a ride, every 11pm craving for a convenience-store candy bar. My mother was sick this week, and I was itching like hell to run out and get her chicken soup.

So, my loves - make a great goddamn resolution. Not something you "should" do, but something you want to do and be realistic. Smoke your morning cigarette, but then drink a bottle of water. Grab Burger King on the way home from work - enjoy those onion rings and read a chapter of the book you've been meaning to get to while you ride your stationary bike.

Happy Holidays, y'all.