Wednesday, August 31, 2016

a complaint and a compliment.

With school starting, we've lost a lot of people. The schedule is weird, everyone is working many days in a row and not their usual shifts. I worked my first night since I started and it was bananas.
I walked in to them changing the seating chart and everyone running around. Fine, I'll run food and clean tables until my station clears. But then - I get triple sat. I ran to the big table, got their drinks and they were ready to order. Did all that. Went to the other table (three ladies), told them I was really sorry and thank you for your patience.
They told me, "we didn't know what was going on, we were sat first, we didn't think you were taking care of us."
I told them, "I'm very sorry, I wasn't sure who was here first, but now that they're taken care of I can focus on you ladies!"

They ordered (cheap of course), and I kept an eye on them as long as they were there. Refills of Diet, etc. They were always fine, never complained about their food or said they needed anything. I thanked them again for holding on as I brought their check.

When they left, they told a manager it was the worst service they ever had. That I had to check back with them three times for their order, and still mixed it up. He gave them nothing because it sounded nothing like me (I always write everything down) and they just wanted something - which he didn't give them. And of course 0 tip.

I had a table next to them that told me they had heard them complaining and didn't understand. They said the service was great (and complimented me to the manager) and the food was perfect.

It all evens out.