Monday, September 10, 2012

My second complaint in five years.

Was also a bunch of horseshit. So on Mondays, I'm all alone from 2-4. Last Monday was Labor Day, we weren't expecting to get busy, but we had a little hit. I wasn't worried, I ran my little tail off and got shit done.
I had one table of kinda trashy women. A mom and two daughters. They were a little annoying, a little needy, but by no means the worst I had seen. At one point, the mom asked me, "Are you all alone?" I told her, "Yes, until four! We usually don't expect this many customers at this time, so I appreciate your patience." Or some other crap I didn't mean. I appreciate your fat ass ordering and stop trying to make conversation because I know you see three other tables flagging me down.
The table next to them was also a couple dicks. Those geriatrics figure they did their waiting to get to 100 years of age, they shouldn't have to wait 5 more for their well done hamburger. I come over with their food, smiley and bubbly as usual.
"Here we go! Thanks for bearing with me, hopefully it will be worth the wait!"
"Oh... we thought you forgot about us!"
"No, ma'am, how could I forget you? But as you can see, we just have me and one cook so I have my hands full! Let me refill your water, I'll be right back!" It's amazing how serving can teach you to make your face and mouth do the exact opposite of the murderous thoughts in your brain.

So, I continue running around, but make sure everyone has as much attention as I can give them and never take the stupid goony fake-ass grin off my face. I check back with the three fatties, "oh, everything's fine, everything's fine." "Okay guys, if there's nothing else, I'll be right back with your check!"

After things had died down and the MOD and I are clearing up, she says, "That table on 6 complained about you. She said you had an attitude and snapped at the table next to them, charged them wrong, and that we should look into getting better help. She said she wouldn't be back." ..Well, that explains the lack of tip. But the promise of them not returning was a nice thought. I told her the real story and we giggled and thought nothing more of it.

Well, she came back today (liar!), and complained to her waitress, other customers, and finally the owner. She claimed I charged her wrong (I didn't, but the manager took the money off that day anyway so she would shut up and leave), and got nasty with her. In her story, she made an innocent and simple request - more ranch, I assume - and I barked at her, "Can't you see I'm all alone here?!"
The MOD from Labor Day tried to explain to the boss that is NOT what happened, but he's of the 'the customer is always right' camp and wouldn't listen. Luckily, he also hates confrontation with the parties involved and said nothing to me.

I was upset for about 2.5 seconds that there was a lie about me going around.. but then, I just couldn't make myself care more than that. I've been at the place five years, everyone knows I would never do anything like that to a customer. So fat bitch liar cuntsucking motherfucker, you can eat my dick.


  1. It's simple math; The majority of people are needy, self centered and a lot of them like to make themselves feel good by making others feel bad. So you serve enough people you're going to have some of them come after you. Look at it this way, they're fun to hate and seem to sparking your creativity.

    1. Too true! I talked to our owner today and he confirmed that he knew I would never disrespect a customer. Already following your blog, thanks for reading mine!

  2. Crikey. The amount of garbage you waitresses have to put up with is unreal! I feel for you! :-)

    1. People are bananas! Thanks for your empathy :)

  3. The truth is people want free stuff. They'll take one little thing and blow it out of proportion just to get 10 bucks off their next dinner. The reason this consistently works is because managers would rather avoid problems then ever stand up for a lowly server. Lame this happened to you

    1. I know that's right. But one of my coworkers always says, "if they can live with it, I can live without it." Which I think is a great philosophy in the restaurant business.
      Thanks for reading, I'm definitely going to check out your blog!