Monday, July 9, 2018

It's not just us!

Well, we already knew we weren't the only ones getting the brunt of bad customers. But have y'all been to a casino? Those people are terrible! Blaming the dealer for bad cards, yelling at an attendant for a broken machine.

One guy really aggravated me the other day - I was at the casino with my mother. The dealer was obviously new at this game, but asking the right questions and trying her best. She almost didn't catch this dude's ten dollars, and when she apologized, he told her,
"Don't say you're sorry, learn how to deal!"
It was a mistake and she corrected it. No need to be an ass.

Then, at a different casino, a man wanted to get a players' card at the table. They didn't do that.
"All the other places do it, REAL casinos do it!"
Why in the world are you shooting the messenger?