Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well, I'm old.

I'm very very close to going back to work. I'm pushing the foot, I'm about to put a down payment on a new vehicle.
Work Husband Now Boyfriend's manager has asked about me, and we have discussed my applying at his restaurant. But - they use computers! I don't know that I could learn it! Am I so stuck in the Stone Age? ...Pen and Paper Age?

Also, they would probably (rightfully so) schedule us for opposite shifts - really put a damper our love life.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Again, still alive.

I've read books.
I've watched Netflix.
I've re-watched Netflix.
I've looked up recipes, crafts, home and garden tips. Gotten caught in Wikipedia and Buzzfeed loops. Gotten kaught up on the Kardashians.
I taught myself to crochet.
I've relaxed, I've slept in, I've enjoyed hot tea. Did you know tea is like wine, they all come from different varieties of the same plant?
I learned to french braid my own hair, and gotten used to not seeing my car in the garage.

But as sure as someone is going to walk in that door as soon as you plug in the vacuum and get ready to shut it down - I miss working. I looked at work-from-home, online degrees... even if this trusty ol' thing was good for more than what I need it for (Netflix and... looking up movie times every now and then?), I can't commit to it. I crave movement.

I'm almost there. I've been patient, I swear! Three months next week since the accident. I've been taking my vitamins and everything!
I'm going to cherish every time someone needs a ride, every 11pm craving for a convenience-store candy bar. My mother was sick this week, and I was itching like hell to run out and get her chicken soup.

So, my loves - make a great goddamn resolution. Not something you "should" do, but something you want to do and be realistic. Smoke your morning cigarette, but then drink a bottle of water. Grab Burger King on the way home from work - enjoy those onion rings and read a chapter of the book you've been meaning to get to while you ride your stationary bike.

Happy Holidays, y'all.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Blondie on Hiatus.

I've broken my foot. I can't put any weight on it for six months or so.
So no fun serving stories, but if y'all give me some ideas for hobbies or working from home, I'm sure I can come up with something!

Lots of love, Dear Readers.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mean lady was back.

AND SHE WAS SO FREAKING NICE. She was all please and thank you, complimented me, honestly freaked me out.

However, I had another lady that more than made up for it.
Mother and daughter, I assume, I bring over their coffees. The mother says, "Oh, we need cream!" I hate when people act like you forgot something when you haven't even left the table to get it from your tray. I smiled, looked at her, and said, "Oh, this is one of the times I wish I had two sets of hands so I didn't have to make so many trips! I didn't forget!" I had the cream in my hand, the mom laughed.
The daughter either misheard or misunderstood me, or maybe because she didn't see that I did have the cream she thought I was being snotty, which I can see, the reaction was wild. She said, "Well, how was she supposed to know that? You didn't have to answer like THAT!" She called over the manager and said I was "rude, rude, rude." Even the mother, who I thought was on my side, jumped in.
I asked another server to take over, I didn't want to deal with that awkwardness. Apparently when she went over, the lady said to her, "That girl is a bitch and I will fuck her up." She spent the rest of the meal glaring at me.

Honestly, who says that? And I expected more of a reaction from my manager - I would have kicked her ass out for threatening an employee!
Obviously, nothing came of it, she was just talking shit, but damn I'd hate to cut her off on the highway.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A lady was mean to me today.

But apparently, she gives everyone a hard time and when she complained to the MOD, she just said, "Yeah, that lady's a bitch."

She ordered a burger and I made the mistake of asking her how she wanted it cooked.
She immediately acted like I should have KNOWN that she wanted it 'NO. PINK.' I asked, "Well done then?"
"NO. I don't want it all dried out."
"Okay, medium well?"
This is where she started raising her voice, interrupting me, and just being a condescending... well, bitch.
I tried telling her there really wasn't anything between medium well and well, so why don't we start with medium well and go from there? We can always cook it more, of course.
Nope. She insisted they did it before and she doesn't want it medium well, but she doesn't want it well and 'dried out.' Finally, she pretty much screamed at me, "Well just TELL HIM THAT."

I had to walk away because I knew much more would reduce me to tears. I mean, this lady came in hot and wouldn't even let me tell her, "I know you come in all the time, I just want to make sure you get what you want." Some people just can't be worked with. I dropped it off, asked if she wanted anything like mayo or mustard, I really tried to kill her with kindness. I even felt bad that I didn't get a chance to check back before she finished and pushed her plate to the side - hobbling-ass fat bitch must have inhaled it. Still, I smiled and brought the check and before I could get the "hav-" out of "have a nice day!" she SNATCHED the bill from me and turned away with the body language of, 'you can go now.'

I walked around back to take a breath before I told MOD my story - I knew she would take my side, but I was honestly so floored that someone would treat a complete stranger so horribly, I really was wondering if I DID do something wrong. She told boss-lady that she normally tips well (yeah right), but I was "argumentative" and she was VERY aggravated. Well, lady, if you can live with it - I can live without it.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Aaaand I'm back.

Well, it was a crazy couple days.

Rumours were flying. That I was crazy, that I was a bitch, the usual. Work Husband walked out, too, and said them firing me was really proof that they didn't care about their employees.

The other part-owner said if I didn't come back, she was out, too. She got him to tweak the schedule so I only work with her (the other host does NOT like me and that was part of my frustration), so basically I got the good money days and I don't have to deal with him. I didn't really want to go back after all that, but I didn't want her to leave and I couldn't pass up that opportunity. I'm making the same amount of money, if not more, working one less day.

Boss-man is too prideful to admit he was wrong, but I swallowed my own and apologized. He apologized in his own way - he asked me if I was okay and said he was glad to have me back. It was a little awkward my first day, but most everyone was on my side and excited to work with me again. Big ego boost. He gave me some hostessing hours while one is on vacation and he, the customers, and the coworkers love the way I do it. I might take one or two permanently, it's kind of nice to be there not in uniform and running the show.

Basically, everything came to a head and turned ugly, but all worked out in the end. We'll see what happens when He-Who-Does-Not-Like-Me returns in two weeks.

Work Husband got a new job and has become Real-Life Boyfriend - we'll work on the alias.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Well, I got fired.

It's been a long time coming. I haven't been happy. Management is... favoritism and backwards and just not conducive to employee morale if you're not a favorite. I don't know why I was not a favorite, I cover, I come in early, I stay late. But I guess if you're a woman who speaks her mind you're just a bitch.
So Wednesday, our closer had called out. Work Husband was supposed to pull the double and close, but the boss told him not to bother. So when I asked, "Who's closing?" The boss said "you are." and I said no. I told I him I was sick of the bs and I had plans and he could have called me earlier or at least asked me. I don't want to close, it's supposed to be my early day and I wanted to leave.
He told me, "Fine. Leave when you leave and don't come back." So I said, "I might as well leave now, then." I gave my checks off and walked out. Everyone is confused and pissed for me.

I just don't know what I'm going to do.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How do some people get dressed in the morning?

"I have a question. This burger, is it vegetarian?"
"Excuse me?"
"Is this burger vegetarian?"
"Well.. no... it's a burger."

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

People who don't diddly-darn listen.

"I'll have that." - pointing to a stock photo in our menu.
"Well, sir, those aren't our actual dinners. they come from the menu company. But if you're looking for the steaks, they're right below. We actually have the prime rib on special tonight."
"Ohh... uhm. Okay, so what's your special tonight?"
" rib."
"ohh... uhm. We're gonna need another minute."

He ordered alfredo.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We hired a new guy that I am training. He's about 6'1", full beard, and he's 18.
I went from "ooh, cutie", to wanting to mother him. I'm getting too old.