Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How petty do I want to be?

Well, the old job doesn't want me back. I was cleared to work, ready to go, Bossman texted me to work a Saturday night and I was all over it. Customers were hugging me, asking where I'd been, glad to see me back, slipping me twenties, the whole nine. I worked 6 hours, did my sidework, told the Bossman my foot was getting tired how long did he want me to stay?
"Okay, that can be your last table." And I lucked out. They were in a hurry, knew what they wanted, in and out.
And I worked HARD that shift. Show him I'm ready to work, show myself that I can. And I can! I was so nervous I thought I would drop a coffee mug on my first table, but by the third I was back with trays just like riding a bike.
WELL. Even though the other part-owner left after I had to, even though they had to put on more servers - three to my one - some of the girls (and I do mean girls) were talking some shit. "She better not expect her same hours back, she's just a pet," etc.
I know I've written about this before, but when did coming in and doing your job become a bad thing? I didn't expect my old hours back. I couldn't handle my old hours even if they gave them to me! But I was promised my job back, I know they're hiring, and I didn't get any hours. I took my key in and asked if I could use them as a reference.

So the question is, when I see my customers out and about, do I tell them that place screwed me over or just tell them it didn't work out?