Monday, January 9, 2012

Fool me once..

I have a system with bad tippers. I get ten percent the first time around, I will remember your smelly hillbilly face. The next time you come in and I wait on you, you will get the best service your redneck ass has ever gotten. Refills of "pessi"and "swate tay" will flow like rain. You will get mounds and mounds of your sacred mayonnaise and ranch dressing. But when you give me another five dollar bill on your forty-nine dollar check, I will remember your face again.
I will remember your face so next time you grace my station with your stench, you will go thirsty. You will have to come up and find me for more napkins. You will get ten percent or less of my service to go with your terrible tip. I gave you a second chance.

So, work kind of sucked tonight!


  1. I have a similiar system. The only bad tippers that really get treated outside of it are sweet elderly people who probably actually think they are giving me a great tip. I couldn't deny someone's grandpa or grandma service. Rednecks, however, fall just behind teenagers to be my least favorite demographic of them all.

  2. Amen, Serving Up An Attitude.

  3. Hi, Joe Sixtop here too lazy to sign in. I think that's a GREAT idea. Take great care of them the 2nd time just to be sure their cheapassedness isn't something you did wrong (it wasn't) and then... I got's to remember this! :-)