Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rude 'tude.

Here on the East Coast, we're getting some chilly weather lately.
Of course, that means colds, flus, what have you. I myself have been a little sneezy and my mother (a teacher) says a lot of her kids are going home sick.

Our hostess/manager tonight got a sneezing fit tonight and walked out into the foyer (we have a set of doors, a foyer, then the doors that actually lead into the restaurant). As she did so, a customer came in and she ran back towards the end of the counter to wait it out. So I grab a menu and say to the lady, "Hi, one this evening?"
"Wow, she saw me coming and didn't even hold the door!"
"Uhm.... ma'am, she's currently sneezing."
"Well, THAT'S no excuse."
"....Oookay, I'm going to seat you right over here."

Isn't it? Isn't it though? You would rather have someone sneeze in your face in order to hold the door for your royal ass, than try and get away quickly? How self-entitled do you have to be?

All this after I had to spend five minutes explaining what chicken fingers were to someone... maybe a full moon?


  1. When someone asks something as inane as "What are chicken fingers" don't you just want to say "They are the fingers of a chicken, cut off, deboned and deep fried." Smile and walk away? giggle

    As for the offended sneeze lady, perhaps she didn't understand how violent the sneeze attack was? Or maybe she thought your boss sneezed once and could turn back and hold the door? Who knows what knots people's panties sometimes?

    1. haha, I did! I told him they were boneless strips of chicken, breaded and fried. He ate two and said they 'weren't what he expected.' Turns out he was looking for fried chicken - wing, breast, thigh, etc. He pulled the same thing last week with another entree so I charged him. I expect more of the same next Wednesday!

      The sneeze lady was just insane. My manager was still in the corner of the restaurant sneezing her face off while she was complaining about her! I would have liked to think she was kidding (it was that ridiculous), but I honestly don't think she was!