Saturday, July 13, 2013

I promise I'm alive.

I just keep.. running into too many things to keep my mind straight over what to make a post on.
My latest complaint is management. As I've said before - they're Turks. The owner is Turkish, as are the cooks, and they band together.
This means there's a fight in the kitchen that I had nothing to do with, I just happened to be there that day, and I'm stuck closing on Friday nights or I lose them altogether. Vindictive little fuckers.

Then, all the money gets gambled at the casino and our gas gets shut off for a day. That's a night of tips lost, five hours off my paycheck, and the fear of the unknown - will our doors reopen? For how long?

Le sigh. Applications will have to be filled out, and soon.


  1. Fill out applications! It's difficult, but just pop open a beer and get to doing 'em! If it makes you feel any better, I'll be doing the same thing in a week or so, dammmit. Just don't apply at any chains, for G-d's sake! They're all soul-sucking, evil entities.

    1. There are pros and cons, I think.
      I've been at this family place, which means the rules are lax and nepotism rules, but I don't have to go through six stages of paperwork to get a day off or rewrite a check.
      I think I would like corporate for the structure, but I also hate authority sometimes. We'll see!
      Good luck on your applications, friend! I'll trade your beer for a Jack, but toast you all the same :)