Friday, October 11, 2013

Paying it forward.

Do you ever give a really good tip for little to no reason?
Wednesday night, I got a two-dollar tip on a fifty-dollar tab, for no reason I could understand. They were definitely white-trash-ish, but I figured at least ten percent. It was so ridiculous I actually had to laugh. If  you don't laugh, you'll cry, right?
So, yesterday, after getting a tire fixed, I decided to go down the road to my favorite breakfast place. I read my book, had my Eggs Benedict, and when I pulled out my wallet the first thing I saw was two twenties. I paid the bill with one and left the other for the waitress with a little note, "From one server to another." It really brought up my mood for the rest of the day thinking of how she would feel picking up that gratuity. Have y'all ever done anything like that?

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