Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I should not have done this.

I found myself perusing some reviews of local restaurants, not just my own.

"It's almost 2014. There are more than two types of sweeteners for coffee and I expect and demand the raw sugar. Luckily I brought my own."
really. REALLY. The usual sweeteners are Equal, Splenda, Sweet'n'Low. You go to a diner and expect raw sugar. Go to Starbucks. Besides, you carry it around with you? Why would you demand it? Good lord.

"they closed in 30 minutes and a new table of 6 should be good for business."
Oh, honey. 3/4 of the restaurant is cleaned out and you just added 45 minutes to my shift.

A few of the reviews are completely justified - undercooked food, inattentiveness by staff. But reading through these things.. it really reminds you that people should work in a food-service job for a week before they come up with this business. And constantly, constantly, CONSTANTLY, why is the server somehow blamed for poor food quality? "the plates look like the waitress shoved the uneaten slop for other plates onto yours and served it."
I did see a few that gave me hope - 'food was okay, but service was great!' type stuff. 

It just hurts my heart that people will look down upon cooks/servers/busboys/bartenders/fastfoodworkers/whathaveyou but y'all at McDonald's or a late-night diner 10 minutes to close expecting prompt perfect give-you-a-blowjob-with-your-meal service and be complaining when your mayo takes another thirty seconds because I have to go in the walk-in for it. 


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