Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How petty do I want to be?

Well, the old job doesn't want me back. I was cleared to work, ready to go, Bossman texted me to work a Saturday night and I was all over it. Customers were hugging me, asking where I'd been, glad to see me back, slipping me twenties, the whole nine. I worked 6 hours, did my sidework, told the Bossman my foot was getting tired how long did he want me to stay?
"Okay, that can be your last table." And I lucked out. They were in a hurry, knew what they wanted, in and out.
And I worked HARD that shift. Show him I'm ready to work, show myself that I can. And I can! I was so nervous I thought I would drop a coffee mug on my first table, but by the third I was back with trays just like riding a bike.
WELL. Even though the other part-owner left after I had to, even though they had to put on more servers - three to my one - some of the girls (and I do mean girls) were talking some shit. "She better not expect her same hours back, she's just a pet," etc.
I know I've written about this before, but when did coming in and doing your job become a bad thing? I didn't expect my old hours back. I couldn't handle my old hours even if they gave them to me! But I was promised my job back, I know they're hiring, and I didn't get any hours. I took my key in and asked if I could use them as a reference.

So the question is, when I see my customers out and about, do I tell them that place screwed me over or just tell them it didn't work out?


  1. I would not say anything derogatory about the restaurant. You never know, you could still end up there someday or end up working with someone from there.

    1. Thanks for your input, Diana! What I've been doing (I see a lot of my customers out and about, obviously) is just saying I'm not sure what happened, maybe they just didn't have room on the schedule.