Monday, December 12, 2011

Cooks are jerks, aka The Gods were smiling down on me last night.

We have one family that comes in. Mom, dad, son about 16-17. If just the dad and son come in, they are awful. Condescending, needy, subpar tippers. It drives all us servers nuts to be talked to like that by someone 5, 10, 20 years younger.
But if either of the two come in with the mom, they are quiet and respectful, if not even friendly. The mother is sweet as pie and they tip better. I had the mother and son last night, which is why I was the luckiest little waitress - the cooks screwed up their order beyond comprehension.
The son always orders "A bacon burger, just bacon, burger, and bun." No cheese, no tomato, no coleslaw, no pickle. French fries and bacon hamburger. I get the mom's order as well.

I take the order out to the table. As I'm setting down the burger, I realize with horror the cooks put cheese on the bun. I immediately say, "Oh my goodness, they put cheese on it, I should have checked, I'm so sorry!"
They both tell me, "Oh, it's not your fault, this happens all the time!"
I tell them they can just switch out the bun, I'll have it back out in two seconds.
"No," he tells me, "I need a whole new burger. I can't have any cheese."
Okay, that's fine, let's be on the safe side. I take it back and tell the cooks they need to READ my checks, and now I need a whole new burger. The one insane cook I've written about before scrapes off the cheese and throws the old burger back on the grill.
"No, no, no - I need a NEW PATTY. This guy cannot have cheese."
"It's fine, no cheese, it's fine."
"No, it's not fine. You made the order wrong, now you're going to make it right. I want a completely new order."
I stood there and watched until I was sure I was getting a new patty. It comes up pretty quickly for a medium burger, and I take it back out. They call me back almost immediately.
"Please don't hate us, but this burger is rare."
"Oh my god. I'm sorry. They were trying to get it out too quickly and didn't cook it enough. Let me take it back, I'm so sorry."
They tell me again it's not my fault, and I take the burger back a second time. The cooks curse and rant and rave, etc. etc., but they do it. I take the burger out again, and tell him to cut into it to make sure before I even leave the table. As he cuts into it, we see the bottom bun. It's soaked in blood from the raw burger, and he looks at me. "I'll get you a new bun."
I have to go back in the kitchen. I have them toast me a new bun. I take it out, apologize once more, and we're finally good to go.

So, by the time he can actually eat his meal, I've had to go back to the kitchen three times. His mom is halfway through her meal. I understand trying to get orders out quickly, but not at the cost of quality. They cost the restaurant three buns, two patties, and mine and the customers' time because they were trying to cut corners. And at the end of the meal, I got the burger taken off the check because it was just ridiculous. The table, again, was wonderful, told me it wasn't my fault, asked if I was sure, etc.

Sigh. I'm going to tell my boss today, because this cook is getting out of hand. He hates his job and just doesn't care. I can't imagine how much our food costs have gone up since he came in. If he can't read the ticket, he makes whatever the hell he feels like, which ends up being thrown away.


  1. You should tell your boss. I can understand having a bad night, but it is UNACCEPTABLE, no matter what your job is, to act like you can call the shots as to how much work and you will have to do to fix one of your screw-ups.

    And some of that sounds like an attitude problem. Really, did he actually send out a bloody bun on accident? I have a problem believing anyone could be that stupid--perhaps it was a parting shot because you made him made another burder and then cook it medium. Either way, that is disgusting, and your boss should know.

  2. @ServingupanAttitude
    Thanks for reading!
    Believe me, it is an attitude problem and not just a bad day. This is the worst example I can think of, but similar things happen almost every shift - sometimes more than once. And when you correct him, all you get are curses and Turkish mumbles. It's exhausting!

  3. Hey Blonde,

    I lurk on your blog pretty much every week. I rarely comment and usually if it is so, its mostly on Slightly Cranky's. However, your post was pretty awesomely horrific and I feel for you. What most cooks don't get and what every server understands is taking food out that was ordered in a specific way. I don't know how many times I've keyed it in and the kitchen has jacked it up. I don't know how many times I messed keying it up.

    What gets me though, is when someone disregards something as simple as making a new order with no cheese. It's almost as bad as the time I asked for a burger with no mayo, it was sent out with mayo, and then returned with a little mayo residue on the bun. We have to be kind, caring, and ready to throw down. Best wishes and keep writing.

  4. @Anonymous
    Haha, thanks for reading!
    That's really bad :/ I hate when people (cooks or servers) just blatantly don't care!