Friday, December 2, 2011

Increasingly bad blonde moments....

I keep saying 'ohemgee when I get home I'm totes going to blog about that' and I keep forgetting.

But allow me to elaborate on a tale that happened the day after my last post, and was eerily similar. For some reason, people seem to look at me and think, "hey, this 20-something looks like she makes all the business decisions for this restaurant. Let's berate her for the things we don't agree with."

So, at my diner, like most, we give rolls with dinners.
Side note: doesn't it seem like most of the people you give them to don't eat it, and then when you don't for some reason, they get really indignant and HAVE to have the damn bread?
Anyway. We give rolls/cornbread with the soups and salad. On our dinner menu, it states that you can replace that with garlic bread if you choose. I don't normally point this out, as many of our regulars know this and it's, you know, right there.
I have two ladies order lasagna with salads. I bring out their salads and rolls, and when dinner comes, they request more rolls. I happily oblige, so far they have been pleasant and normal.
When I do my check-back, one asks if we have any garlic bread. I say, "sure, I can bring you some!"
Check time comes. I charged them for the entrees, the drinks, and the garlic bread because they had ordered it separately.
When I cash them out, the one who ordered the garlic bread says to me, "You know, I have to complain about something. Garlic bread should come free with Italian dinners."
Uhm. "Well, ma'am, you can replace the original rolls and cornbread with the garlic bread if you'd like, but you two had extra rolls in addition to that, so I had to charge you for something."
"Well, it SHOULD come with it when you order lasagna and spaghetti and such."
"Okay, ma'am. You know for next time, you can order it in advance and not be charged."

WTF? They got rolls. They got EXTRA rolls. They didn't ask for garlic bread until halfway through their meal, expected it to be free, and scolded me for.. I don't know, doing my job and charging people appropriately?

At least they didn't stiff me.

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  1. What a stupid bitch. You should have told her to bring her reading glasses next time.