Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do you really want me to answer that?

I feel like this could be a running series, but I don't know how this one would be topped.

A couple coworkers and I were commenting on the heat, and I said, "Thank god for the fans, I'm getting a little air right here."
A man was sitting at the counter waiting for his to-go, he was very difficult and VERY slow and VERYVERY confused about... well, everything.
He says, "Yeah, I love air. Do you.. love air?"
I look at my coworkers, and we are all trying to keep straight faces.
"Well... yeah, I like air."

We immediately ran into the kitchen to break into giggle fits and think of better responses.
"Yes, I need it to live, so I'm pretty dependent."
"No, I prefer to suffocate slowly until the sweet icy grip of death overtakes me."
or a simple, "Nope." said with the straightest face. That never would have passed because I canNOT keep a straight face, and everyone knows it. I don't get included in pranks because I blush uncontrollably and try not to laugh.


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