Friday, October 26, 2012

A conversation I unfortunately had tonight.

Blondie: "So, can I get you anything else tonight?"
Douchebag: "Well, don't we get... extras?" Said in a tone that implied a wink.
B: "Well, sir, yours comes with a dessert, but unfortunately, hers is not a dinner and doesn't come with it."
DB: "Well.. she could still get an.. extra, right?" He might have actually winked at that point. I knew where he was going with this.
B: "Well... if you.. pay for it..."
DB: "Well, do we... have to?"
B: "Yes. That's how we make our money in a restaurant. We give people food and we charge them for it."
DB: "What, you don't feel like being nice?"
B: "Very rarely, sir. I'll give you a few minutes to think about it."

Like, come on dude. You look desperate, cheap, and pathetic.


  1. Don't you love it when you don't acquiesce you are suddenly "not being nice." Whatever jerk face. I love how he was trying to get his girlfriend's dessert for free. A real gentleman [and someone I would say yes to for a second date] would be the man who offered up his dessert or asked if I liked to share. I love to share dessert. And no, I don't expect my date to spend big bucks or even buy me dessert - but to come off like a complete douchecanoe with the server - there wouldn't be another date.

  2. Why do people go out to a restaurant and try and get stuff for free? You don't go to a petrol station and ask for free oil ... etc.... If you can't afford to eat out and tip, then don't eat out! Surely?