Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nosy Rosie.

When you go out with a member of the opposite sex who pays for you, do you check the tip if you have a chance to do so surreptitiously? Does it affect your opinion of them? Would you call someone out on a really bad tip?

I went out for drinks with a boy the other night and he paid the check while I was in the bathroom, which I thought was sweet (and I hope it didn't look like I timed it cause I just really had to pee), and then he went to the men's room before we left and I looked in the checkbook. It was like, 40%! I don't know if he expected me to look and wanted to impress me or what, but it certainly worked!


  1. He may be leaving a large tip in order to impress you..... or he could just be generous.... either way, the server wins!

    1. well, like I said, it worked! but he also makes me laugh and is very sweet as well, so bonus.