Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sorry, I haven't been brushing up on my ESP.

So on Mondays, I'm by myself for two hours. It's normally fine, I can handle a lot.
At the time, I have a three-top, a deuce, two singles, and I had just gotten a big to-go. I make sure all my sitting tables are served and happy, and I go about wrapping up the to-go, getting all the accoutrements, adding the check, whatever.
One of my single guys around the corner comes up to the register and angrily demands his check. He had a small bill and I did it in my head and told the hostess, as my to-go had just come in and I had a few more things to put together. I hear the customer and hostess having a bit of a heated conversation, so after he left I asked what the hell this one's problem was. We get a lot of truck drivers from New Century and they are almost always rude and cheap, entitled 'regulars.'
Apparently the conversation went like this:

Customer: I guess coffee is a hot commodity around here, I only got one cup.
(Keep in mind I asked if he needed anything when I delivered his food, and did the necessary check-back)
Hostess: Well, why didn't you ask for another cup?
Customer: I shouldn't HAVE to. The service was lacking a bit today.
Hostess: We don't know what you want unless you ask, sir. And as you can see, she's a little busy.
Customer: Busy? There's four tables here!
Hostess: She's by herself and is also doing a big to-go.
Customer: She doesn't look THAT busy.
Hostess: Well, she is. She's wrapping up a big to-go right now, and they take time. You know, I really don't have to explain it to you.
Customer: Well, I'll be back to talk to the OWNER.
Me/Hostess: Have a great day!

Oooookay dude.


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