Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Is Texas Roadhouse Screwing Over Servers?

Is Texas Roadhouse Screwing Over Servers?

The Bitchy Waiter has shared a receipt from a Texas Roadhouse server. I'm sure you've all seen the helpful "great service, 20%: $10, average service, 15%: $7.50" etc, etc. APPARENTLY, Texas Roadhouse uses their cows to do their calculations and while it says 20%, the calculation is for 10%!

Now, I place little - but some - blame on the customers. You would think most people would look at a fifty-dollar tab and realize $5 is NOT twenty percent for the great service they received, but maybe you've had a margarita or two, you're laughing with your friends pulling out your card, and you don't. This handy-dandy tip (no pun intended) on the receipt is wrong, so just double-check, dear readers!


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