Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I messed up (but the customer was a dick about it).

So, the other day, our hostess just jacked us all up. The kitchen was behind, going on 30-minute ticket times. I told her more than once to put us on a wait because although there's empty tables and the servers are okay, it makes more sense to have customers wait for a table than have to ask us why their food is taking so long. Instead, she triple-sat every section.

So, I'm doing my best, honestly. My poor manager is doing comps left and right because everything is taking too long and coming out wrong. Now, what I did wrong was put table 26's order on table 16's check. Not a big deal, I can ring it in on the right check as a "don't make" on the right table, so they have the right tab, and I can split it off of the wrong table so it can be comped later. I missed one item, a $2 side. So table 16 is charged an extra $2, on my mistake.

Now, instead of saying something to me (at this point things have died down enough I was able to pay more attention to them), and letting me fix it, they walked out after signing the credit card receipt - circling the $2 side and writing, "DID NOT ORDER THIS - TAKEN OUT OF TIP."

Now, with that two dollars, I would have gotten just shy of 18% from them. Without it, it was maybe 15%. Which is fine. It just feels to me that they weren't searching for a reason not to tip, but that they knew they should have left more and were looking for a way to justify it. .

In better news, a table of 6 who got completely screwed up due to kitchen issues dropped me a 20 and was super nice about it.


  1. why wouldn't they just ask you about it instead of being so passive aggressive? sometimes the customers boggle my mind

  2. They were looking for an excuse to under-tip.