Sunday, March 12, 2017

I got my first note on a receipt today!

I had a lady, with her baby, in my my section. She was on her phone, so I did not greet her right away. Eventually, she flagged me down. I told her, "I'm so sorry, I didn't want to interrupt your phone call!"

She orders for herself and the kid, all the while telling me how she has a coupon because the last time she was there she had problems. Eventually, I just send a manager over because she needs a remake on a soup, this is the same problem she had last time, she need this that and the other. I check on them, get refills, y'know - do my job.

At the same time, it's a weird day - we're understaffed and the hosts don't know when to go on a wait, so it's not like she couldn't see me running around. Yet, she felt the need to snap her fingers at me every time I ran by. She finally asks me to cash her out. I do.

The note reads:
"Try smiling and being friendly, honey! It's part of good customer service. Have a blessed day!"


  1. how did you feel about this? At first, I read it and thought she was polite but then I read it one more time and just felt really annoyed. When customers can visibly see you running around, they should be happy with good service, regardless of a constantly smiling server

    1. I felt it was very condescending. I was perfectly nice to her and got her everything she asked for. I'm sorry I don't have a big beaming grin on my face when I'm trying to remember the 15 things I'm trying to do!

  2. She was just a miserable person and wanted something to complain about. I know her type very well. They think if they are having a bad day, by God everyone else will as well.