Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy valentines day to me!

I wasn't expecting to be busy last night, considering we're not the classiest joint to take your lady love to on Valentine's, but we were fairly slammed for a Monday.
Busy enough that I didn't stop moving from about 5-7, but not so busy any of the girls got stuck.
I was in a great mood, everyone was nice and tipped five or more (which says a lot cause our shit is cheap and most checks are around twenty).

Only one table stood out: a group of three hillbillies and their trailer trash offspring. The parents hollered for things they 'needed' whenever I was within earshot, the kids screamed and DESTROYED the table. I did my best to be efficient without anyone feeling ignored, and they surprised me with a 30% tip, which a coworker said she'd never seen from them.



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