Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is a new one.

So a few weeks ago, one of the 'old girls' answered the phone, and it was that Relay Service (deaf people communicate through an interpreter - they type what they want to say, the operator relays (eh? get it?) the message, and then types the response of the person on the other line).
They want to place a to-go order, which is all well and good.... for THREE HUNDRED GRILLED CHEESES. She told him, 'Uhm...... you're going to have to call back when the owner is here.' We didn't hear from them for a while.
Then, about two weeks ago, they call again. They speak to the hostess on duty, Kelly. I'm in the kitchen picking up an order when she comes in and goes through the same deal, but this time they want 750 caesar salads for a wedding (yes you read that right), paid in advance through credit card right then. I immediately say 'That shit is weird.' But our cook starts foaming at the mouth at the thought of that big an order and tells Kelly to take it.
At this point, she's been on the phone for at least fifteen minutes, going back and forth through this operator. Luckily we weren't too busy, and another coworker and myself got to sit at the counter and watch everything unfold.
They say they want to charge the credit card an extra $500, which we would give in cash to the driver who was to pick up the order. At this point, my coworker and I are just staring with raised eyebrows, wondering how long Kelly will let this go on. She decides to go for it. She enters the credit card number, but when she asked for the zip code, the seemed hesitant and gave her some bogus number. Obviously, it didn't go through. They had her try it a few more times, and eventually decided to call back. Almost an hour has passed.
The next night, they try it again. They ask for Kelly specifically. She told them they would need to come in, in person, and speak to the owner to place that big of an order.

Immediately, "the other party has disconnected."

I did NOT say "I told you so."


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