Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If you're going to request me, make it worth my while.

Why would you have a favorite waitress and then be an asshole to her? Or not tip her?

I have one table that's fucking weird as shit. I THINK it's a son and his mom, he's about 40ish and she's older (maybe). She's missing some teeth and he has big goofy glasses. They always organize the sugar packets.
Whenever I walk by, he always asks things like 'making lots of money today?' or 'is it busy on Mondays?'
When I take their order he will interrupt to ask me about a different nail color, a new bracelet or necklace, etc etc. It's not like he's hitting on me (I hope), it's like he just has no social cues.

Anyway, they got me by accident like a year or two ago, and now they always request me. The thing is, they're very inconsistent tippers. When I first started serving them, they always left me five - which was 20% or more. Then they started slipping in a few two- and three-dollar tips, which freaked my the fuck out because I thought I did something wrong. Yet, they continued to request me and the low tips became more and more frequent. Now they're the norm, but I'll still get five at the most random times.

They're not assholes, nice and easy and quick, but it's so strange to me!

What is up with that?


  1. I guess they figure you were tipped already and broken in. No reason to keep tipping you forever as you are now best buds.

  2. Yep. I've got regulars that don't tip at all (this is the UK though, so that's not too odd) cos they come in so much I guess they think that they'd be spending too much money tipping all the time. Kind of makes sense to me!