Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh, day shift.

It is so much different than night shift. Also, I appropriately mistyped it as 'day shit' at first.

Aaaanyway, today was a lovely day. Busy, but not too busy. Big checks and 25% tips. I even got to tell one bitchy co-worker not to talk to me because she's a miserable prick and I don't like her face.

But I'm going to tell a sweet little story about the man I had on table one. Older gentleman, quiet at first, but opened up a bit when I helped him out with his order and smiled at him. I joked with him that I was too young to be a 'ma'am' and he started calling me 'young lady.'
He told me the saddest story about how his wife passed away four years ago, and he couldn't bring himself to come in since then. He had been going to McDonald's across the street, but today decided he would come back to the diner. He said knew he had made the right choice when he saw we had macaroni and cheese today, which he always used to take home to his wife when she was ill because it was her favorite. It softens a jaded server's soul.

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  1. So, so very sweet and exactly what I needed tonight. Thank you. I hope he comes back.