Saturday, September 3, 2011

How do these people get through life?

"I'll have the chicken parm."
"Sure! Is spaghetti alright?"
"What kind of spaghetti is it?"
"Uhm..... spaghetti kind?"

Somehow I figured out that she was using spaghetti as a blanket term for pasta.
Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened.
She finally ended up ordering the "peony."



  1. i love when people ask for our orchiette, gnocci, or fagioli

    i always have at least one table that will butcher those in a way that I've never heard before

  2. I guess it is like saying Kleenex for all manner of tissues? Although spaghetti is specific to type, some people grew up using the term generically and interchangeable for all pastas.

    Peony was funny tho'. A little bit of flowers with your parm ma'am?

  3. I love when people try to pronounce the word penne. Half of the dumbasses say 'panini' instead. But I giggle mostly for a different reason. My mother speaks a little Italian and once told me that PEN-ay is pasta. pe-NAY means penis.