Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Okay, one of the stories promised.

It was a Monday.
What we do on Mondays is I come in at two and everyone goes home. I work the floor by myself with one hostess until the other night girls come in at 4. Sometimes it's very boring, sometimes we get a little hit and I can make a lot of money. That day was the latter.
So I'm running around, taking orders, bussing tables, taking food out, making coffee, writing checks, and trying to keep my wits straight. Then I see a horrible regular walk in the door. Let's call him Steve.
He sits at the counter, yells across the diner at you when he needs something, will argue until his face is blue (whether he's right or wrong), and DOES NOT TIP.
I'm as nice as I can be considering I'm slammed and he's an asshole. I get him his coffee and soup, and when he asks how I'm doing, I flatly say "Busy."
I'm done with him. He has his food and his drink and he's not getting anything else from me. I' running around taking care of my TIPPING tables and avoiding eye contact.

I hear him behind me.
"Oh, Steve, would you like another cup of coffee? Sure, Blondie, I'd love some, thanks for asking."
I can't help myself. I turn around and I snap at him.
"Well, STEVE, maybe if you could ask me like a normal customer and possibly say PLEASE, you might get your coffee."
I shocked myself. I immediately walked away to hide my blushing face and pretend I knew exactly what I was doing. Thank god for the hostess that day. She knew this guy was an asshole and whispered to me, "Good girl."

He never got his coffee.


  1. Wow. Do people like him ever wonder why no one bothers to be kind to them?

  2. Way to go Blondie. I would've done the exact same thing - but might have tossed in "Tipping helps." [Okay, I lie - no I wouldn't. heehee] I hate regulars like him, but I would continue to do the same thing if you find yourself busy when he comes in. He might [I doubt it] eventually get a clue.