Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Am I pushy?

This story didn't happen to me, but to a coworker yesterday afternoon.
She's waiting on a single man, maybe late 50's, early 60's. He orders a salad and his dinner. For purposes of this story, remember that my place of work used to be a fast food joint, before being converted into a diner.
So he's about three quarters done his salad, and his dinner comes up so K brings it out. He says to her, "I know this used to be *fast food place,* but I wasn't expecting this fast!" in a snotty manner.
She says, "oh.. I'm sorry.. do you want me to take it back to the kitchen until you're done your salad?"
"Yes I do!" he responds.

Fine, so she lets it sit under the heat lamps for five minutes and get all.. congealed. He finishes his salad and she brings it out a second time.
"Here you go!" she says, cheerfully, because everything K does is adorable.
"You know.. you're being a little pushy. You should say, 'here,' like I HAVE to take this food."
uhm, WHAT? Did you not order it? Do you not want it? So she apologizes, although she's not sure what for, and everything else is smooth. He even leaves her a 10 dollar tip!
This was really weird, and I didn't understand it. I'm tiptoeing around my other tables at this point because I'm worried I'm being "pushy."

Any thoughts?


  1. sounds like the dude had asperger syndrome...or asshole syndrome - either way he sounds unable to interact in a socially noromal way....

  2. I've waited on people that were kind of d-baggish like dude that left good tips. It's kind of like they know they're a-holes and they at least compensate their server for it.

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