Sunday, February 5, 2012

I know times are hard...

But for the past couple months, I've gotten stiffed once at least every other shift. And it's ALWAYS the people who you don't expect!
I had two young girls, maybe a few years younger than me, and I talked, laughed, and joked with them. No tip.
Last night, it was an older couple. I gave them menu recommendations and lots of attention. They seemed happy with their meal, although they were a little... apathetic, or lethargic, or something. No tip.

Is anyone else experiencing a higher instance of stiffs lately?


  1. I can go some long-ass times w/out an actual stiff but I got $5 on $78 on Friday.

  2. Yep. Fucking ridiculous. I'm actually so pissed about today's shift that I can't type more for fear letting loose a long string of profanity.

  3. Joe, you're lucky!! Although sometimes a tip like that is worse than a complete stiff, you can at least tell yourself they forgot to tip you...

    And sorry FMT, those are the shifts that make you question your line of work :/