Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In other news..

So, reading my local paper today, I found an item in the police blotter that interested me.
I won't link it, because it would give away my location. But a restaurant on the same highway as my diner, within ten minutes walking distance from my home, where I had a lovely dinner just three days before, was featured.

Apparently, a trio of young women (late teens) were dining at the establishment. They attempted to beat feet without footing the bill. Their server ran out to the parking lot to catch them. In their hasty retreat, they struck the waitress with their car. I hear she was fairly okay - except for the trauma of being hit by a fucking car and stiffed on the tip. Luckily, she was able to get a partial license plate and the ladies were arrested. Unluckily, they have already been let out on probation pending the court date.

I don't know the lengths I would go to avoid a dine-and-dash, but if I get hit by a car, I'm out.

My first thought was, "these girls are younger than me! I'd love to meet their parents!"

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  1. I used to be a corporate trainer for the Houston's restaurant chain once upon a time and they have a strict policy against a server EVER following a customer outside to resolve a bill.

    I found this out the hard way when I tracked a woman down who had skated her tab and I personally walked her a half a block back to the restaurant to pay her bill. The GM saw me in the parking lot and when I proudly proclaimed what I had just done his face became one of absolute horror. It was then that he informed me of their policy and the reason behind it : A waiter who had been stabbed in the parking lot at another location of theirs doing exactly what I had just done.

    People are crazy these days. No bill or tip is worth putting yourself in danger.. and if as a server you ever end up at a place that charges you for walk outs.. tell them to shove that job until it until it's sticking out like their tongue and find yourself a better restaurant. Waiting tables is hard enough without trying to play cop or putting yourself in harms way. Cheers!