Friday, March 2, 2012

"Duuuude" update.

Four of the six stoners came in again last night, and sat in another server's section.
Two came in first that I didn't recognize. Then the two guys, one of which had paid came in to meet them. I raised my eyebrow and waited for them to say something.
"Uh.. we're... uh... meeting someone."
Good, they looked guilty. I pointed to where the other two were.

I chased the server down. "M, those are the ones that left me 2 on 50 last week, so don't bust your ass."
"Oh, I know, two of them ordered appetizers and two aren't ordering because they just came from McDonald's."

Good Lord.
Lucky for her, one of the girls paid and gave her four bucks, which was maybe 20%.
I know it wasn't the service - M and I have been there the same amount of time, have a very similar sense of humor and service, and her regulars and my regulars are interchangeable. So, yes, that guy was just an asshole. Or, as M would say, a dickwrinkle.


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