Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You don't have to go home, but..

get the fuck ooooooouuuuutttttt.

What are your tricks for getting campers to leave?

We have a hostess who will turn the radio up for certain customers to scooch, or if it's late, we do the classic turn the radio and lights down.
My personal favorite is turning the wifi off for customers who treat the diner as an office, bringing a bunch of paperwork to sit for three hours and just order a cup of coffee. Come on guys, Dunkin Donut's is two doors down. I don't mind you doing computer work or watching porn or whatever the hell you're doing, if you order a meal and compensate me for the time you took up my booth. But to sit for hours, get endless coffee refills, and leave me a dollar? Heeeeeelllls no.


  1. Free wifi would drive me bananas if I still served. OMG they SO take advantage of it. Starbucks is one thing, but at a restaurant, no way.

    I would see if management would put a time limit on the wifi use - like, one hour after you pay your check, times up. Or a sign posted saying "As a courtesy to our other guests please limit your wifi use to xx time."

    Good luck.

  2. Easy on the fast food chains! I see where you're coming from on the wifi issue for sure (I'm happy my location doesn't offer it!) But pushing those awful "customers" on the big name chains? They have employees JUST like you! :)

    1. I see what you're saying, but fast food employees aren't paid by turning over tables.
      I wouldn't wish these customers on anyone, to be honest!