Monday, August 1, 2011


Last night, a coworker was sat with a table of two adults, two children. Unremarkable family, maybe a touch on the ghetto side, but nothing to be concerned about. The only comment their server made was that they were taking a hell of a long time to order.

They were sat in the back so I think I only happened to walk past their table once, so I basically forgot about them until they were ready to cash out. I do register if the host is not around, so I took their money. The bill was 48.46, and he gave me 60.
He says, "Just give me ten back, the rest will be for the tip."
I literally paused in my count-back. $1.54? I tried not to let him notice I was confused, and hoped against all hope there was more money on the table. As soon as they were out the door, I ran back to where the busser was clearing it. I checked the table, I checked the floor, I checked the bus pan. Nothing. They left him a 3% tip and thought that was okay.

They weren't foreign, so they should have known our tipping customs.
They seemed happy when they left, and their server said they had no complaints.
He told me to give him ten back, and I purposely counted the whole thing to show him how much of a "tip" he was leaving, so it wasn't a mathematical error.
So they really just... screwed him. For no good reason.

C came back for his tip as I was finishing my once-over to look for it. All I could say was,
"It's up by the register. I'm sorry, buddy."


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