Monday, October 10, 2011

And isn't it ironic..

That Sunday morning is the most unholy day to work in the restaurant business?
You'd think after a morning of being filled with the Good Word, you'd be a little cheerier to come out and have brunch with your family.
But no. People are cranky bastards who want what they want and NOW, regardless of if they see my full station I'm running around, and the tables I picked up in other stations.

Yes, the money is good. But the aching back, the aching knees, the aggravation - aren't worth it.

It's not just the customers. The servers totally lose their shit and steal stuff. We make our own toast and butter cups for pancakes/french toast, and without fail every time I made some, it would be gone when I got back.

I'll stick to my night shifts, thank you.


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