Tuesday, October 25, 2011

That's not my name.

First of all, I would like to say thanks for the feedback on my last post!
Yes, I really did tell that lady to go elsewhere since she was so tense about our lack of birthday cake and my lack of interest altogether.
And Anonymous, loved your story! Check the comments on the link above for a similar anecdote.

Aaaaaanyway, on to the customer I would like to write about.
He's recently become a regular, coming in three or four times a week the past month or so. Nice enough guy, mid-60's I'd say, albeit a little smelly.
The first time I waited on him, he asked my name. I told him. He either misheard or forgot, because that is not what he calls me. It's something close enough to be an honest mistake, but not close enough to be a nickname. Think.. Michelle/Danielle.
The first couple times, I either didn't notice or was too busy to correct him, and now I feel like it's gone too far. He's been calling me the wrong name for about two weeks now.

Do I correct him? Or do I just let him look silly in front of the customers who actually know my name?


  1. i never know what to do in those situations! do you ever write your name on the check? we did in a restaurant i worked at long ago, if so, you could put thanks, and in big letters, your name...

  2. If writing on the check doesn't work [great advice btw] since he seems to be a nice guy you could always say "Sir, I think you misheard me the first time you asked my name. It is not Michelle, but is actually Danielle." Served with a big smile of course. And you can always add "I want to make sure I hear you when you call my name." Since you seem to like him.

    I don't think he is looking silly, but if you are so concerned about it then do something. He won't mind being corrected, I am sure, and you all might get a chuckle out of it.

  3. Haha, we do put our names on the checks!

    But Skippy, great advice! I wanted to correct him, but wasn't sure how to word it - thanks!

  4. Skippy is right - correct him in a confident but diplomatic way and he won't feel foolish, or at least he won't for long. And let's face it, it is nice to be called by your proper name!

    When I worked behind a bar, this bloke thought he was being cool by calling me a mildly offensive name. I asked him "Why are you calling me that?" He said, "I call people who serve me by the names I want to call them."

    I replied, "I bet you can guess what I want to call you."

    He stopped calling me that name after that!

  5. next time it happens, smile and go, "Did you just call me DANILLE? You know it's MICHELLE by now don't ya?" said real nice w/ a smile.
    and for that comment from Wilko above, there's a special place in hell for d-bags like that guy, i mean bloke.