Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sometimes, Blondie is very blonde.

I was a little off tonight for some reason. I forgot things, got wrong things, cut myself twice, mixed up my words, etc.
I managed to make great money for a Sunday night, but I think people just felt bad for me, or enjoyed watching me trip over myself.

The best one was while I was waiting on a man and a woman, maybe late thirties. They order dinners, and I bring out salads for them. He immediately picks the tomatoes off his to give to her.
I make some comment to the effect of, "Oh, that's how you know you're meant to be, when you like something the other doesn't so you get a little extra! I love getting my boyfriend's pickle!"
They stare at me. I realize what I said. I blush intensely until they start cracking up.
"Honey, you could have worded that a little better!" She said to me.
We share a good chuckle, and they leave a good tip.

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