Friday, June 24, 2016

One step at a time.

I've been having those server dreams again. This time, I can't get the orders in the computer because my swipe card doesn't work and no matter who I grab (manager, GM, even more higher-ups) they can't figure it out and keep leaving me on my own and I have a horrible customer following me around telling me what a shitty job I'm doing.
I think I'm feeling very overwhelmed because I know I'm a great server, but I just can't quite get my timing yet with adding the computer in. But, as with anything, it's one step at a time. You may be overwhelmed with tables and feel like you'll never catch up. You may not be able to get this customer out until you chase down your manager to key in a coupon, but it WILL END. My server mantra has always been one step at a time, keep moving forward.

Get that refill. Get that order in. Forgot a ranch? Grab it while you're running past the bar to get that Corona you also forgot. The shift will be over soon enough, especially if you're running around, and then you can take a breath, a sip of water, and that pee break you've been holding in for 2 hours. You might be suffocating for 30 minutes, but it always ends! That's the beauty of it!
Just remember to keep a smile on your face, apologize to the customer (even if they haven't actually been waiting that long, if they see you're a little overwhelmed but still committed to them they're likely to be more understanding if they have to wait for something else), and just take that next step forward.

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  1. I told myself this tonight at work and I swear it's what got me through the night!