Monday, June 27, 2016

Run-in with an old customer.

Today, I guess Sunday is a family-type day, we had a bunch of big parties. I didn't take the 9 or 13, but I only had a few that were less than 4. I took one of 6 out of my section because that server hadn't arrived yet, but right next to my own couple tables.

I go and start to get their drink orders, as I do I recognize one man from my old diner and immediately regret it. He just needs attention. So I grab all their drinks and tell them, "I'm just going to check on my other tables so they're okay and I can focus on your order, guys."
Only two checks, Diner Man and his wife, and then I guess somebody's daughter/husband and their two kids on another. I take their order, DM's wife literally replacing or getting on the side everything on her sandwich. I saved the order pad to show my boyfriend when I got home, her little section was just full of small scribbles and cross-outs. Of course they give her the wrong onions, but that turned out alright I guess, she took both home.
So as I'm trying to clear out my station so I can make sure I'm there for when the food comes out, I see DM talking to my manager. I don't think anything of it, maybe they know each other. After it all comes out and I get them settled, my manager comes to me and says, "What happened at table 10?"

Me: Uh.. ?
Manager: Well, he came to tell me they waited 30 minutes for their food and they didn't see you once in that time.
Me: (explains I recognized him and I probably shouldn't have taken the table at that point knowing how much attention he would need) I mean, I was walking by them, I was peeking at their drinks, no one needed refills or anything, what was the problem?
Manager: (checks the computer, their food had taken 20.) Well, it's not just after their food, you need to constantly be checking. And he wants a ginger ale.
Me: Did they need something?
Manager: No.. they just didn't see you.

Now, this is a tie for my favorite manager. I think he knew the guy just wanted something to complain about but needed to say something. So the guy gets his ginger ale and a refill (not free) before they leave.

So they're done. Keep in mind he is the ONLY person that complained about anything and the rest of the table was super understanding at the *wait* (20 minutes for 6 people in a full restaurant) and found me delightful.
I bring the checks, he opens his and says, "Well, you're going to take the ginger ale off my check because I had to wait so long for my food." Allllright. I take the checkbook back and say, "okay I'll grab my manager to do that," and he stops me saying "WAIT, don't you NEED my CARD?"
Like I was being silly for assuming he would want a correct print-out before he handed me his payment. Then he had me stand there for a good 30 seconds while searching his wallet for the card. And after he had me run his card, double-checked the ginger ale was off.
He gave me 15%, the other check gave me 20%, it worked out. And my manager didn't say another word.

I mentioned it to a coworker and she said, "Well, what are you supposed to do besides refill drinks if you have to? Just go over to say howya doin?"

Some people just want to complain, I don't get it. Why not enjoy time with your family instead of worrying about how long your food is taking? I would understand if I felt someone was looking for a reason not to leave a tip, but this feels like whining for the sake of whining.

Otherwise, today was a great day. I worked with good people. My tables were great and understanding and I'm really getting the hang of my timing. And my foot/ankle is holding up which I am so thankful for because this is the work I enjoy.


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