Monday, June 13, 2016

You know how some people just take up a lot of space?

I don't mean physically, like overweight or anything like that. They just have.. a big presence and you can tell they figure they think they always have the right-of-way? We'll call her Miss Big (the boyfriend just caught me typing and made a Sex and the City reference, so we'll stick with it).
She comes off nice enough, asking for favors and calling you honey baby sweetie. But really, she's just using you to get all the work done so she can bother the host stand to triple seat her and just go around making the money. "Can you follow me baby?" "Do me a big favor and take this to 43?" I'm sure you can picture it.

Well, she's a stickler for sidework though I never see her doing any (squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that). So every time I'm trying to leave, I ask at least two or three people, "how's the kitchen look? do you want me to stock anything? I'll double check silverware one more time." And it's always, "No no everything looks good just get on home I'll see you later!" I never ask her because it's always "go grab one more box of straws, you need to do silverware."
I was opener last week which means I give out the sidework AM shift, and a new girl asked me what should be done. She was a host before, so she's known Miss Big. I told her I just checked the silverware, we can just go through the kitchen but we should be good. Miss Big starts talking to her in Spanish right in front of my face! I asked when she walked away, and New Server Girl said, "oh she just told me to double check the silverware." How rude is that?

Anyway, I don't know if she doesn't like lemons or is just lazy, but she's always on me about the damn lemons! One day last week I had opened and been there late, I had been clocked out twenty minutes just waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up. I go to leave and she's on me about the lemons. The silverware. Another girl said "just GO HOME it's fine." Apparently after I left, Miss Big said "well, now YOU'RE going to have to do her work."
So today as shift lead I give out the sidework again. I gave a girl I like an easy one, took an average one for myself so I didn't look like I was trying to be sheisty, and just distributed the rest to whoever was there with no thought. I noticed we're running low on lemons and checked to see who had that today... guess who? I didn't even say anything to her just let her see it when she saw it. Accidental revenge, but still felt pretty good.


  1. Worth waiting for! I used to work food service, so I know EXACTLY what you talking about! :))

  2. I had a manager tell me the other day that I was not allowed to nibble on a soup during my shift (I did not even have a table) when I told her I wasn't feeling well. She also told me this while eating an appetizer during her shift.

    1. lol! Some people just really think the rules don't apply to them! Thanks for commenting, I'm going to be adding your blog to my read list!

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    3. thanks so much! that means so much to this new blogger haha