Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blondie's Sunday Night Pet Peeve #10


I mean, the kind that will finish their soda before you even come back to take their order. And then finish another one before you bring their food. And then three more during the course of the meal. How thirsty can you be, bitch?

On this note, I can't stand when I'm handing food out and I hear "I need another Pepsi." "Can we get more napkins?"
My tray is still half full. I'm not going to throw the thing on the table and run away, reappearing only to drop off your check. I will ask if you need anything else, if you just wait ONE FREAKING MINUTE.


  1. Thank you,Thank you!! This is soooo true!!! I had that table tonite, I couldn't get the soups out of my mouth for the day when "I need another coke!". I just put it in front of you!! WTF!!!
    another peeve is standing at a table taking an order when the chuggers are waving frantically or calling "miss, Miss!" like they are dying because they did not get the refill within 2seconds of finishing the first one!

  2. I have never understood the phenomenom of multiple refills. I think it has something to do with it being free, I am not sure, but the idea of that much soda with a meal is not only gross - how do you actually eat with a belly full of soda? It just makes no sense.