Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a surprise.

I had a table of two ladies that irritated me tonight.
Seriously, girls, do you have to be so freaking uptight that someone younger than you is in your presence? I'll be your age, too, one day, and I will be extra nice to my servers.

They come in and promptly start ignoring me when I ask for their drink order. Okay, I can deal with that. They're here to catch up more than they are to eat.
So now whenever I approach the table, I say, "Excuse me, ladies..." so they have to cue to stop gossiping and give me the answers I need to get out of their way.
But still, my doing my job is just ramming whatever stick they have up their asses further in.
They sneer and ask arrogant questions about the menu. They sneer (if they respond at all) when I ask them if they need anything else. They sneer when I ask them how everything is.
When Head Bitch has ONE BITE left of her food, I return.
Blondie: "Excuse me, are you two finishing up? Can I get anything else for you tonight?"
Head Bitch: "Well, I'm not finished yet, so I don't know, do I?"
Blondie: Eyebrow raise. Retreat.

Okay, fine. So I wait, and I wait, and I wait some more. I am extra friendly to the tables in their vicinity. She pushes her plate to the side and I make her wait an extra five minutes before I return.
"Oh, good! Are you finished? I wanted to make sure everything was finished before I came back. I can take this... if you're finished."

Another sneer.
But that passive-aggressive shit really gets me through the night.


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