Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breakfasts suck.

Why? Because people are idiots.
We have a page of breakfast specials, which is a breakfast, coffee or tea, and a small juice.
Breakfasts are such things as: two eggs (any style), pancakes and eggs (any style), chipped beef on toast, two eggs (any style) and choice of breakfast meat.

CONSTANTLY, people will say "I'll have a number six." and close the menu.
Uhm..... so many questions. How would you like your eggs? What kind of meat? Coffee or tea? What kind of juice? What kind of toast?
Sometimes I'll stare at them in wait and hope they notice. They usually don't. Then I have to painstakingly go through this exchange:
"How would you like your eggs?"
"Oh! Scrambled."
"...and your meat?"
"Oh! Bacon."
"Oh! White."
"....Sigh .....Double Sigh. Coffee? Tea? Juice?"
"OH! Coffee. Cranberry juice."

You would think by the first or second question they would realize.
Work with me here, people. Or you're getting over easy, sausage, white toast, decaf tea and oj. Probably with some of my bodily fluids in it.


  1. Early in our marriage my husband and I went out to breakfast [and I have no idea what possessed him] but when asked how he wanted his eggs he replied "Like my wife makes them." He was very sincere and the waitress and I just busted up laughing. I finally had to say "over medium" - he has never done it since. giggle

    We do know how to order, just that one day it came out like that. We still laugh about it. Poor guy was so embarrassed.

  2. Try working at McDonald's and having to take an order with 5 combos all the while going through the same "Is that a combo? Medium or large? What drink would you like?" routine for every single burger they get. You'd think they'd realise halfway through that I'm not changing the questions, but I've come to the conclusion that most customers are just a bunch of mentally challenged assholes.

    Aaaand I'm ranting. Sorry.

  3. @SkippyMom
    That's adorable! I would get a kick out of it too, if it happened at one of my tables.

    Just goes to show that some people don't even consider the service industry on their level and thinks they don't need to listen...